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Health Report - 24/6/2002: The Soccer Headers Effect On The Brain
CAUSES OF HEAD INJURIES IN SOCCER . Several of the speakers talked about what is Compared to other contact sports, head injuries are common in soccer .
Injuries in Youth Soccer : A Subject Review -- Committee on Sports
11 Nov 2009 Soccer Players at Risk for Head Trauma So until a child gets a severe concussion or brain injury from heading , nothing will change.
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File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobatstatement in an effort to decrease the incidence of soccer related head injuries , including concussions. These recommendations are based on the current
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by DT Kirkendall - 2001 - Cited by 50 - Related articles Heading and head injuries in soccer . Kirkendall DT, Jordan SE, Garrett WE. United States Soccer Federation, Chicago, Illinois, USA. In the world of sports,
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by W Pickett - 2005 - Cited by 13 - Related articlesPlayer contact injuries appear to be a more important injury control concern. This study informs one of many aspects of the soccer heading injury debate.
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Protection against head injuries in soccer is complicated by the fact that heading is an established part of the game, and any attempt to protect against
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by PR McCrory - 2003 - Cited by 30 - Related articlesConcern has been raised over whether heading in soccer may be the basis for injury and cognitive impairment, and in the United States this has led to calls
Is Soccer Bad for Children's Heads?: Summary of the IOM Workshop
Read more about this injury and learn how to treat or prevent it. Soccer Heading Drill A good Soccer heading drill to improve you heading . Head the ball
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Dailey SW, Barsan WG (1992): Head injuries in soccer : a case for Myles Gibson R (2003): Brain injury and heading in soccer (response to McRory,
Head injuries in youth soccer players presenting to the emergency
7 Feb 2005 Soccer players can also suffer from a range of overuse injuries associated with running, jumping, pivoting, heading and kicking of the ball.
Heading A Soccer Ball Does Not Cause Brain Damage, Study Suggests
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Soccer Head Injury : Sports injury advice for the prevention, diagnosis and cure of sports injuries.
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24 Jun 2002 There's an art to heading a soccer ball; we need to train youth soccer of injury , and we need to teach better skills to youth players.
Heading injuries out of soccer : A review of the literature
There is great concern that heading the ball in soccer may cause brain injury . The following collection of information: media interviews, press releases,
Brain injury and heading in soccer -- McCrory 327 (7411): 351 -- BMJ
Soccer Head Injuries . Soccer is a contact sport where players might be struck in the face and head by the ball, by another player or by contact with the