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British football has a wide range of chants ; some are specific to certain clubs, whilst others are used by almost all fans. The tunes, and sometimes the In Australia - In Italy - In the United Kingdom - Club-specific - Cached - Similar Who Ate All the Pies? - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediais a football chant sung by fans in Britain. It is usually sung to the tune of " Knees Up Mother Brown" and is aimed at overweight footballers, officials or
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5 May 2009 Offensive chanting remains alive and raucously well on the football terraces, but little of it is overtly racist. Indeed, the anti-racist
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26 Apr 2010 R&B star Usher has revealed that his chart-topping single OMG was inspired by English football chants and that he was confident the track
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19 Aug 2009 With this in mind, we bring together some of the wittiest and funniest football chants from around the grounds.
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Football chants from fans of arsenal, liverpool and man utd and more. Here you can find all chants submitted related to the England national team.
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Click here to go to the MES English sports page. Dream English Sports Chant . Soccer , football , baseball, golf (repeat) Touch your head, touch your shoulders
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27 Mar 2009 · Blog Top Ten: English Football Chants Top Ten: Records in English Football History (Number 9)
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6 Apr 2010 Suddenly the loveable rogues of English football that make it what .... I hope football chants can stay as they are but PC conformity seems
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21 Jan 2010 Can you write an England football chant for World Cup - AS England gears up for the World Cup this summer, the Get On campaign has announced
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23 Feb 2010 Football chants in England are the stuff of playground banter and bravado, peppered with sounds from childhood nursery rhymes,
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Football Chant - please include teams playing in the match ..... have a big ground and generally their fans aren't as hostile as some in English football .
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25 May 2009 Learn more, read reviews, and download English Soccer Chants by Mobility Games on the iTunes App Store.